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Dr. Evelin Leitner-Bilban

Health psychologist  •  Clinical psychologist  (specialised in child, youth and family psychology) •  Psychotherapist

Sworn and judicially certified expert witness

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

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My services

Target groups: children and adolescents, adults, families, blended families and people with migrational background.

My service

My approach to your request is accomodating, dedicated and efficient.

A close relationship with my clients and the principle of ‘helping people help themselves’ is of utmost importance to me.

I accompany and support you professionally and sympathetically and offer you a cooperative and careful treatment in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Please take a closer look at my areas of expertise, to get a better idea which treatments I can offer you.

With my help you will soon gain self-determination and find balance between instinct and reason.

I will take ample time for your request. According to your needs you can – of course – get a last minute appointment with me.

I take my legal obligation to provide clients with absolute confidenciality very seriously.

During the first appointment we will carefully clarify your request; this process usually takes about one and a half hours. Following sessions take 50 minutes.

Under special circumstances I offer home visits.

Please take note that your health insurance will refund a part of the fee after medical examination.

The GKK currently refunds € 21.80 (from 01.09.2018: € 28.00), the BVA € 40.00, the SVB € 50.00.

Sometimes a sentence, an idea can change your life.



Health Psychologist (entry in the list of clinical psychologists and health psychologists of the Ministry of Health in 1992)

Clinical Psychologist (entry in the list of clinical psychologists and health psychologists of the Ministry of Health in 1992 – specialised in child, youth and family psychology)

Psychotherapist, Behavior Therapy (entry in the list of psychotherapists of the Ministry of Health in 1997)

Sworn and court certified expert witness (entry in the SDG list of the Ministry of Justice in 2006)

Certified child, youth and family psychologist (BÖP-certificate in 2016)

Psychotherapist for babies, children and adolescents (ÖBVP-certificate in 2018)


Professional experience


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The day when you take a decision, is a good day.